Corporate Helicopter Days

They say the key component of any business is the people. So why not treat your valued employees to something truly special that they will be telling people about for years! Our V Squared corporate helicopter day packages allow you to treat your employees to either a spectacular view of Brisbane from the air, a VIP fly and dine package or even a go at flying a helicopter with a professional instructor!

corporate helicopter days

We can accommodate for up to 27 people on a V Squared corporate helicopter day and a schedule will be made to suit your exact requirements. We are able to fly you to a destination of your choice provided the landing area is suitable and we have land owners permission in writing.

We can create a tailored corporate helicopter day to suit you and your employees, however, to give you an idea of the possibilities we have provided three standard packages which are detailed below:

Our trial introductory flight packages might be just the thing for you. Everyone will have a briefing together and then each have their own individual flying lesson. Choose from two great packages outlined below!

Here are a few of the event packages we can put together:

Each person receives
• Group lesson in which you are taught the basic controls of the helicopter
• 30 minute private flight where you are given control of the helicopter
• You are shown a simulated engine failure if you feel up to it
• You also have the option to purchase a full HD video of yourself flying the helicopter
• After completing the flight you are given a chance to ask any questions you have and gather information about continuing to get your licence
• Snacks , tea and coffee provided


Group Scenic tour

Fly and Dine Helicopter Charter