Flying School

V Squared Helicopters is the best Helicopter Flying school Brisbane has to offer. One of the most important decisions you need to make when starting out in aviation is which flight school you will do your training with. V² Helicopters offer a wide range of helicopter types to suit all career paths. From mustering and farm work to tourism and aerial photography, we can tailor your training to set you up for your first dream job! Helicopter pilots undoubtedly have one of the most interesting and challenging careers. Let V² Helicopters be the Flying school to get you in the air!

Flight Training

V² Helicopters offer flight training for students wanting their Commercial or Private Licences. The requirements and prices for these licences are as follows. It is a common misconception that you need to pay for the licence up front. In fact, students pay as they go and generally aim to get their licence within 2 years when casually studying or 4 months when full time studying. Please note that the prices below include at the standard ‘pay as you go’ rate, we also offer a discount when you pay 10hrs in advance.

Commercial Licence CPL(H):

  • Minimum 105 hours practical training
  • 7 theory subjects and exams
  • Flight test with testing officer
  • Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • Aviation Security Identification Card

Click here for more information on CPL(H)

Private licence PPL(H)

  • Minimum 50 hours practical training
  • 1 theory exam covering all 7 subjects
  • Flight test with testing officer
  • Class 2 medical
  • Aviation Security Identification Card

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First step: Trial Introductory Flight

So you think you might want to start a career in aviation? Well stop thinking about it and come and try it for yourself. V² Helicopters Flying School Brisbane offer Trial Introductory Flights (TIF). A no obligation flight that includes a one on one instructional briefing followed by a 30 minute flight where you get to take over the controls. Feel the thrill of your first time at the controls, then sit back and enjoy the ride as your instructor demonstrates some of the techniques you will learn later in your training. If you’re feeling up to it, the instructor will demonstrate a simulated engine failure. You will also receive a certificate and video of your flight. For more information click here or to book a TIF please call us on 3274 6666.

Student HandbookThe V Squared Student Handbook

The V Squared Student handbook is a MUST have for all student pilots. The book contains all the lesson briefing notes in detail complete with clear diagrams and easy to understand explanations. Also included are radio calls, emergency procedures, flight test preparation and much more! To get your copy just call our office on 3274 6666 and we can post one out to you.

Post License Training

V² Helicopters also offers the following post-license training.

Currency Training

Turbine and Piston Engine Endorsements

Sling Rating

Night VFR Rating

Biannual Flight Review