Commercial Helicopter Licence

A commercial helicopter licence allows you to be employed as a helicopter pilot. Because of this the level of skill that you need when flying must be higher than that of a private pilot. The V² Helicopters CPL(H) courses runs differently to other schools as we add the General Flying Proficiency Test (GFPT) and Private Pilots licence (PPL) to our course. These added features of our course give you a better understanding of the testing environment for the commercial licence and experience on the carriage of passengers.

Main Requirements for Commercial Licence

  • Minimum 105 hours practical training
  • 7 theory examinations
  • Flight test with authourised testing officer
  • Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

commercial helicopter licence training brisbane archerfield cplh cpl

105 Hour (min) Course

Please note that to participate in the 105 hour course, you need to complete the final 30hrs in 3 months. There is also a maximum of 2 helicopter types that you may learn in. Endorsements are required following the completion of this course for any other helicopters that you want to fly.


125 Hour (min) course

This is the more realistic course that students should be aiming for. The layout of this course is the same as the 105hr course but students have no time limit to complete the licence and no maximum of helicopter types to learn in.


To obtain a commercial helicopter licence, you must complete 7 theory subjects. The 7 seven subjects are :

  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Air Law
  • Operations Performance and Planning
  • Aerodynamics
helicopter training brisbane v2 helicopters commercial licence cpl cplh

To complete the theory subjects you can choose to self study at home or come and learn at our theory school. We offer a full time theory course during the week and a series of evening classes for students with work commitments during the day. There is also the option of one to one direct tuition which is available at a time to suit you. The exams for the subjects are held at ASL PTY LTD and are computer generated multi-choice exams. We have an ASL exam centre right here at Archerfield and our flight shop provides all the material required to complete the exams.


Whilst no flying school can guarantee employment, once you have completed your commercial helicopter licence we will assist you in any way we can in obtaining your first job. We encourage our students to be as involved as they can be throughout their training to get them ready for the working world. Helping out in the day to day operations will give a student the knowledge edge that might help them stand out from the crowd when going for that all important job interview.

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