Trial Introductory Flight

Helicopter Trial Introductory Flight Brisbane

So you think you might want to start a career in aviation? Well stop thinking about it and come and try it for yourself. V² Helicopters Flying School offers Trial Introductory Flights (TIF) – A no obligation flight that includes a 15 minute one on one instructional briefing followed by a 30 minute flight where you get to take over the controls. Feel the thrill of your first time flying a helicopter, then sit back and enjoy the ride as your instructor demonstrates some of the techniques you will learn later in your training. If you’re feeling up to it, the instructor will even demonstrate a simulated engine failure on the way back into Archerfield. The TIF is the first step towards your career in aviation and also makes a perfect gift for those who love to get hands on.

TIF flight Package Deal – $499

Summary of whats involved

  • Instructor briefing in which you are taught the basic controls of the helicopter
  • 30 min flight where you are given control of the helicopter
  • You are shown a simulated engine failure if you feel up to it
  • Recieve a full HD video of your experience, including YOU flying the helicopter!!(Upgrade Only)
  • After completing the flight you are given a chance to ask any questions you have and gather information about continuing to get your licence
  • If you decide flying helicopters is for you and you wish to complete your licence, the 30 Minute flight will be logged as flight time towards your licence hours

Trial Introductory Flight

We also offer an upgrade which enables you to fly out to Pannikin Island where you will be shown a series of adrenalin pumping low flying manoeuvres, agricultural turns and lots more which is not included in the standard flight! The upgrade also includes a full High Definition movie of your flight from start to finish, capturing YOU at the controls of a helicopter! The Movie file comes on a free SD memory card worth $30 and can be re-used for your camera or mobile phone!

Flight upgrade and HD Movie Package – $99

Booking your flight

To book your TIF give us a call on 3274 6666 or click here to email us

Sample Video

Here is a video of a customer taking the controls for the first time on her Trial Introductory Flight! Think you can do it too? Come and have a go for yourself!

See what our customers say about our famous TIF flight…! 

I would highly recommend the helicopter introductory flight. After a short briefing from the friendly staff you are in the helicopter and in the air and gradually take control. The staff obviously love their jobs and ensure you have a really awesome flight. 10 out of 10.

Michael k

What a hoot. Very professional. The pilot was interested in making my experience the best it could be. So good to have control of a helicopter for a little while.

Ernest P

My partner took the helicopter lesson and was totally surprised by the amount of hands on experience he received. He is now actually considering taking lessons. Thanks you so much

Oonagh M

The crew and staff on the day were superb and very friendly making the whole experience fantastic. The flying itself was simply amazing and I am already making plans to start some kind of formal training. Great day and organised very well, thank you.


Well worth it. So much fun.

David H

I really loved it. Easier than I thought it’d be. I did some research beforehand with some youtube videos and stuff on the website which gave me familiarity with helicopter controls. I’d recommend this experience to anyone. I got to do turns, use all the controls and do descents and ascents.

Andrew W

Unbelievable! Adrenalin plus! I actually got to fly a helicopter, hover and sightsee, all in 30 mins! best gift ever!


Enjoyed the training flight and was allowed early on the flight controls, although hovering above ground takes some practice. Overall an enjoyable experience.

Platon A

I had an absolute ball on the chopper flight and was really impressed with the instructor and the level to which I was encouraged to fly the aircraft. V2 offers an amazing range of experiences and the website is easy to use, the team very helpful (even though we got rained out the first time we booked and one of us forgot to register their voucher!) All in all, this was a great value-for-money experience and made it really easy for my wife to get me exactly what I wanted as a gift. Thanks!

Warrick B

I recommend this experience to everyone!! For a small additional cost a longer flight with some very exciting flying is worth every cent! The pilot also made the whole experience a blast! Very safe and very much a great experience!!

Ryan O

From the time I walked through the doors my name was used before I even introduced myself. I was introduced to my instructor and offered extra time in the air for a price that I couldn’t refuse. From here it was straight to the helicopter and up into the air and this was where the learning and instructions began on what to do and how everything worked so there was no instructional briefing prior to taking off (this may be because of the extra air time and learning while in the air). Within 5 mins from been in the air I had taken control with instructor Ken only helping when required. I was fortunate that the course we took actually flew over where I live and the family could wave out to me. The views are amazing down to the Gold Coast and up to the Glass House Mountians although at times you are concentrating so much you don’t notice it. Would recommend this experience to everyone.


An incredible experience and loads of fun. Would be very happy to do this again. After 30 minutes of training and covering the safety aspects the adventure began. We took off and when we were at a safe altitude I took control of the helicopter and we flew across Brisbane to the coast. All too soon it was time to return. My instructor/pilot took control of the helicopter for the landing and it was a safe and gentle end to a magnificent trip. A must do experience.

Russell 92

Before the flight I decided to extend the flight time and range (to Redland Bay). It was worth the money!! I managed to relax in the flight back to enjoy the sensation of the agility of the helicopter and amazing scenery. A worthwhile experience.