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Learning the helicopter theory for your private or commercial licence can be a daunting and frustrating process unless you have someone at hand who fully understands the examination process and has extensive experience of all 7 subjects. Not only do you need to know and understand the Helicopter Theory, you need to be familiar with the “unique” way the questions are asked in the CASA examinations. Questions are often misleading which is why it is an advantage to study with a professional instructor; self study is often a false economy. aft helicopter theory

Our theory school will take you through each subject comprehensively, breaking down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand bite size sections giving you the solid grounding needed to pass the examinations.  It is this thorough and comprehensive teaching style which has secured us our excellent pass rate.

aft helicopter theoryThe V Squared theory school is a comfortable learning environment with a fully air conditioned classroom equipped with projector and refreshment facilities. The theory school is also complimented by the V Squared flying school so you can put that theory into practice immediately. We offer three different helicopter theory options to suit your availability and personal requirements:

1) Evening Courses

The V Squared Helicopters evening school was established to cater for students who cannot study during the day due to work or other commitments. Courses run on a constant rotation throughout the year covering each of the 7 subjects to commercial licence standard with the exam scheduled at the end of each subject. Classes are held at V Squared helicopters on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 17:30 to 20:30. CLICK HERE for more information on our evening courses

2) Full-Time Day Course

We also offer a full-time day theory school 4 times a year which runs 5 days a week. This course is designed for those with no work commitments during the day and students who wish to complete their licence within a relatively short time frame. The full time course is also ideal for those wishing to persue a career in the mustering industry as you can complete the course out of mustering season. CLICK HERE for more more information on our day courses

3) One-to-one tutoring service

The tutoring service is designed for students who choose to self study but have difficulty with a specific topic or concept. One-to-one tutoring is on an hourly basis and the tutor can also come directly to you if required (travel costs additional). Also, a discount is available for a booking of 10 or more hours tuition. Some students turn to the tutoring service after an unsuccessful examination to address the topics which they are struggling with. The tutoring service covers all 7 theory subjects plus CPL and PPL test theory preperation. Click here to book some one-to-one tutoring.

Travel and accommodation

If you are coming to us from overseas or you are not local to Brisbane we are happy to assist with your travel arrangements and we also have a list of accommodation options ranging from a rented room in a family home to a caravan park, or upmarket apartment depending on your requirements.

General Helicopter Theory Information

Commercial Licence Examinations – All 7  exams are multiple choice and have a pass mark of 70% with the exception of Air Law which is 80%. Exams are all computer based and there is an exam center at Archerfield Airport in very close proximity to the flying school. A candidate may attempt the subjects in any order, however, all must be passed within three years of attempting the first exam.

Private Licence Examination – There is only one exam for the PPL and this is multiple choice with a pass mark of 70% . The exam is computer based and there is an exam center at Archerfield Airport in very close proximity to the flying school.

Booking Process – To book your place on an upcoming course or a series of courses simply give us a call on 3274 6666 or click here to email us