Our Staff

Our staff at V² Helicopters are all passionate about flying. With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to bringing you the most professional services.

Roger Mohr  CEO – roger@v2helicopters.com.au

Roger is a highly experienced pilot with thousands of flying hours experience in countries all over the world. As in-house ATO (Authorised Testing Officer) Roger provides his students with the skills and training at the highest level of instruction. This is supported by a passion for helicopter flying evident in his training. Roger has obtained his ATPL, Low Level, Sling and Night ratings together with endorsements in numerous piston and turbine helicopters.


Luke Moody  General Manager / Flight Instructor – luke@v2helicopters.com.au

Luke joined V Squared Helicopters in March 2012 heading up the launch of the V Squared Helicopters theory school from scratch. The theory school has quickly developed over the last 12 Months and now has a industry leading pass rate with students travelling from all over Australia for his tuition. Luke has a passion for aviation and was one of the youngest people to gain his private helicopter licence in the UK at 17 years of age.


Niko Eltarenko Grade I Flying Instructor – niko@v2helicopters.com.au

Niko Joined V Squared Helicopters in 2016 as a Grade I flight instructor having re-located from Sydney. Originally from Russia, Niko holds a wealth of experience under his belt. Niko also brings an in depth technical ability to the team as well as a passion for helicopters. 



Ken Amess Chief Pilot / Chief Flying Instructor – Ken@v2helicopters.com.au

Ken is a grade 1 Flight instructor with over 20,000 flying hours and over 8,000 of them instructing alone. He has worked extensively in many sectors of the helicopter industry including mining and mustering. He is rated on many helicopters including Bell Jet/Long Ranger, Robinson R44, Robinson R22 and Hughes 300. Students travel from all over Australia to learn with the “Mustering Master” as his experience and talent make him one of the most highly regarded instructors in Australia.


BrettBrett Smith  Commercial Pilot Joyflights@v2helicopters.com.au

Coming from a Gliding and Fixed Wing background, Brett joined V Squared Helicopters in August 2011. Brett is our “home grown” Charter Pilot, as he completed all his studies and training with V Squared Helicopters. Brett’s passion for helicopters is unrivalled!




P1000423Renae Bassett  Receptionist/Admin info@v2helicopters.com.au

Renae is the latest addition to the Squared team, joining V Squared in 2015. She is madly passionate about aviation and is also a dance and cheerleader instructor. Renae is responsible for coordinating flight bookings, reception duties, customer service and social media.





Chopper  “Chopper” joined the team in 2012 and is our resident Bordoodle (cross between a border collie and poodle) and currently serves as the V Squared Helicopters mascot!