Training Videos

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Introduction to Helicopters Video Series

Robinson R22 Pre-Flight Inspection

Robinson R22 Startup Procedure

Helicopter Flight Controls (R22)

Main Rotor Systems – Helicopter Components (R22)

Helicopter Swashplate – Helicopter Components(R22)

Main Rotor Configurations – Helicopter Components

Anti-Torque Systems – Helicopter Components

Piston Powerplant – Helicopter Components (R22)

Cruise Trim or Cyclic Right Trim in R22 Helicopter

Three Axes of Flight – Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics 

Helicopter Torque – Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics

Airfoils – Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics

Hughes 300 Pre-Flight Inspection

Helicopter Lesson Videos 

Lesson 1 – Effects Of Controls

Lesson 2 – Power, Attitude and Speed changes

Lesson 3 – Climbing and Descending

Lesson 4 – Hovering

Lesson 5(a) – Takeoff

Lesson 5(b) – Landing 

Lesson 5(c) – Takeoff and Landings

Lesson 6 – Hover Manoeuvres

Lesson 7(a) – Transitions 

Lesson 7(b) – Transitions – Hover to Forward Flight

Lesson 7(c) – Transitions –  Forward Flight to Hover

Lesson 8 – Circuits

Lesson 9(a) – Basic Autorotations

Lesson 9(b) – Straight In  Autorotations

Lesson 10(a) – 180 Degree Autorotations

Lesson 10(b) – Max Glide Distance Autorotation 

Lesson 10(c) – Zero Speed Autorotation With 360 Degree Turn

Lesson 10(d) – Power Failure in the Hover (Hovering Autos)

Lesson 11(a) Emergencies – Settling with Power (Vortex Ring State)

Lesson 11(b) Emergencies – Overpitching / Low RPM & Recovery in Forward Flight

Lesson 11(c) Emergencies – Overpitching / Low RPM & Recovery in a Hover

Lesson 11(d) Emergencies – Tail Rotor Failure in Forward Flight

Lesson 11(e) Emergencies – Loss of Tail Rotor or Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE) in Hover

Lesson 13(a) – Limited Power Running Landing 

Lesson 14(a) – Max Performance Takeoff

Lesson 14(b) – Steep Approach

Lesson 15 – Sloped Landings

Lesson 16 – Confined Areas

Lesson 17(a) Emergencies – Jammed Pedals – Left Pedal Forward

Lesson 17(b) Emergencies – Jammed Pedals – Right Pedal Forward

R22 Weight and Balance / Centre of Gravity

Part 1 – Helicopter Weight and Balance Definitions

Part 2 – Helicopter Weight and Balance Determination

Part 3 – Helicopter Weight and Balance Management

Archerfield Airspace Procedures

Archerfield Airport Entry and Exit Procedures

Archerfield Ground Operations


OzRunways – Creating a simple flight plan

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

Weather to fly

Bowser Refuelling

Passenger Safety Briefing

Human Factors Considerations

Drug and Alcohol Laws

Stress, Workload and Pressure



Decision Making

Human Performance and its limitations