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V2 Helicopters Staff Bulletin

STAFF BULLETIN 8th February 2022

Welcome to our first staff bulletin, this is a place for you to know all the important bits about V2 Helicopters! In the interest of transparency it ensures that as a valued team member you are informed and don’t need to ask, “What’s going on?”

Additional Teaching, Briefing and Debriefing Space


As V2 Helicopters continues to grow we are in need of more space to operate in! We have identified the need to create a new space for the flight instructors to conduct their briefing and debriefing of students, as well as a space to facilitate a more intimate teaching environment for individuals. To resolve this issue the upstairs boardroom will be refitted for use during the course of April-May to be ready for use by the 6th June in conjunction with the commencement of the new Diploma course. Please note: this is not a space to replace the downstairs teaching room nor the new venue at Rochedale for the Diploma Course.

New Lockers

Need a safe space to store your personal effects for the day? New lockers are on their way! V2 Helicopters is in the process of procuring some lockers for day use only, so if you need storage for your ‘stuff’ whilst you are working, studying or visiting, these will be made available to you. Keys will need to be checked in via reception on a daily basis.

  • Staff Lunch Breaks

    You need to eat and you need to take a break! V2 Helicopters is committed to ensuring you take your lunch break and this will be implemented on the ‘Teamup’ Calendar … 

    There will be no changes to the schedules for the students.

    If you are a flight instructor your lunch break will either be at 11-11:30am or 1-1:30pm so there is no interruption to schedules for students. How will this work? The current system of booked 2 hour blocks will be changed to 1hr 50min blocks. This means if you are taking five blocks in a day, you will have 30 minutes for lunch and two 10 minute tea breaks, or alternately 30 minutes for lunch with an extra 10 minutes to start and finish your day. This will be achieved by shortening the briefing and debriefing times for each student by 5 minutes each. 

    For the ground crew – theory teachers, administration staff and management – half hour blocks will also be put into place on the calendar for lunches with the proviso that administration staff are available to tend the phones at all times. We will be advertising for a third administration team member to work on a casual basis because they are needed to cover a seven [7] day week both in duties and to facilitate lunch breaks, sick leave and holiday leave. 



Car Log Books

For all staff driving company cars – a log book will be provided with requirement that all trips will recorded for a three [3] month period.

Air Maestro

It has been decided that Air Maestro will be discontinued … in the coming days we will commence the wind down on this program. This will include downloading client information, documentation and test information. In the meantime, please don’t take any action out of the ordinary, continue using Air Maestro as you would. An alternate option will be evaluated for future use.


Thomas Bemelman

Let’s give a great big welcome to Thomas Bemelman who has joined the V2 Helicopters team … Thomas is embarking on the new Diploma Course and has also taken on the responsibility to be the new Hangar Helper and to handle the CASA Operational Library. 

Night Charters

With the addition of a new Bell 429 to the fleet, another new chapter is beginning with night charters becoming yet another exciting new package made available to the public by V2 Helicopters!


Time to light up the building again … the new LED sign for the front of the building is on its way!


New R22

We are hopeful that before this week is out our new R22 Helicopter WWJ will be onsite and available to use.

New Email Addresses

Our new @v2heli email addresses are also imminent and expected to be activated this week.


Thanks for reading the new V2 Bulletin, until next time … happy flying!




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