Madeline Treherne June 15, 2020,restaurant

Opening the Queensland Border: What Activities are Consumers Hungry Consumers For?

You might have heard the rumours: the Queensland border could be opened as soon as July 10 – and possibly earlier – according to the state’s health minister, Steven Miles. In addition to easing traffic bottlenecks in trade commutes across the border, other industries that stand to gain from the relaxed restrictions include tourism, hospitality, retail, and the health sector.

It’s great news for Queenslanders experiencing ‘cabin-fever’, as so many households have grown tired of the social-distancing rules. As a digital marketing agency and Google Partner, we’ve been watching closely as COVID-19 Consumer Behaviour evolves.

While homes across the country adapted to the restrictions by engaging in DIY’s, learning from ‘How To’ videos, catching up through Video or being entertained via Live-Streaming, it’s obvious Australians are eager for new activities.

We note three categories of activities consumers are hungry for:

Leisure and Adventure-Seekers

As the international border remains shut, local tourism is set to be on the agenda for leisure-seekers.

With campgrounds re-opened, search activity up for camping, images in social media feeds full of local waterfalls and roadtrip activities, travel and overnight destinations are very much on the radar for local consumers.

As cafes and restaurants slowly reopen with social distancing laws in place [link to stage 2 blog] leisure-seekers and foodies alike are searching less for bread recipes and more for restaurants.There’s talk of a particular tourism focus between NSW and Queensland due to the limited number of cases in both neighbouring states. This is all great news for local tourism and opening opportunities to explore our own backyard.

Events and Social Activities

With weddings cancelled or rescheduled, most couples graciously rejected the option to livestream their wedding. Now, they eagerly await the moment they can share the day with the guests in person. Similarly, rescheduled music festivals, conferences and sporting events are being pencilled into the calendar – some are even back on already. While Facebook might have seen a 1000x increase in messenger videos, humans are social creatures and nothing compares to the experience of a live event in person. With talk of the border reopening, we’re looking forward to seeing a boost in attendance rates to exciting local events showcasing talent and shared experiences.

Health Enthusiasts

Hygiene, health and home workouts. The global pandemic has inspired healthy habits including regimented cleaning, exercise routines and supplement research. Health is of the utmost importance for consumers as they get back to work, try to maintain high levels of sanitation and hygiene. Additionally, home workouts might have been great during COVID-19, however, we’re seeing an interest in gyms reopening.

The Queensland Government is offering help to health practitioners to assist the push-through with the backlog of elective surgeries postponed with Stage 1 restrictions.


Remember, the restrictions are on track to ease as long as there are no further outbreaks of the virus, so please maintain personal hygiene and social distancing measures for the health of the community.